(Cause, it’s summer, and there’s a picture of Summer, get it? Clever? No? No.)

So – any reader of 2×3 who’s been following the comic for at least a year or so may remember when the comic took a break around this time last year, between the end of volume 1 and the beginning of volume 2. Now, we find ourself in a similar situation after the end of volume 2 last week, and the beginning of volume 3 at some point in the not-too-distant future.

As I mentioned in last year’s summer schedule post, I think of it in similar terms as the traditional TV season – it starts in the fall, and ends at the beginning of summer, and in between there are summer reruns. Last year, I posted some strips from my old webcomic Badass Brat, for the benefit of those who never read it (which I assume is basically everyone).

This year, I’ll be reposting another old webcomic of mine, for the first time in English. It’s a little comic strip I created after I was more or less done with Badass Brat, and before 2×3 came around – it’s called Henry the Comic Strip Character and will update on mondays, wednesdays and fridays throughout summer. Although today is sunday, the first strip is up now – head over to Henry the Comic Strip Character and give it a read! With it’s unique style of sophisticated comedy, and some of my best art yet – if I do say so myself – this comic is sure to thrill and amuse any reader of Twice the Triplets. Enjoy!!

Heh heh heh…

Ahem. And please, keep checking this space… The main comic may be on a break, but I’ll try to have something here for y’all during the summer. 🙂