So, the Triplet Poll is now closed, and the results of people voting for their favorite triplets are as follows:

1. Skye (14 votes)
2. Hannah (13 votes)
3. Summer (10 votes)
4. Dani (9 votes)
5. Sunshine (4 votes)
6. Kiley (2 votes)

I’m not surprised that Skye is the favorite. I am surprised that Kiley came in last. Also surprised that Hannah almost caught up to Skye considering how earlier in the voting period Skye had almost all the voters all to herself…

So! The good news is, no one was left without any votes, so no triplets will be crying themselves to sleep tonight. The bad news is, uh, well, I suppose there aren’t any bad news. Poll’s over, but if you’ve got a thirst for voting, you can always head over to Top Web Comics and vote for 2×3 there. Yay!