Hey all, hope you’ve had a good week! There’s no new bonus comic this week, but if I make available a couple of old ones that some of you may have missed the first time around, will you still vote for 2×3 on TopWebComics and help the comic get noticed? Oh well, I’ll do it anyway – Bonus Comic 16 is from around the time Volume 5 first started last fall, and Bonus Comic 17 is from earlier this year. Enjoy!

There’s also a brand new reader poll up, one that asks a simple question: Who’s your favorite triplet? Cast your vote now, for great fun!

Lastly, I got me one of them Tumblr blog things, which you can check out right here. So far, I’ve mostly been using it to repost old comics, accompanied by some brief retrospective comments. If you’re into that sorta thing, it’d be cool if you followed me over there. (New comics will, of course, be posted right here as always!)

That’s all for now. See you next week!