Twice the Triplets (or 2×3 as I like to call it when I’m trying to sound all hip and such) is about this guy Fred and his six nieces who have at some point in relative recent history moved in with him following the death of their parents. Actually, the first comic sets up the premise fairly well and I would suggest starting there. Because as we all know, the tragic loss of family members makes for excellent comedy!

Actually, Twice the Triplets (or 2×3 as I like to call it when I’m in a hurry) is my fourth webcomic. That’s not counting the x amount of projects I’ve started that ended up getting aborted before actually making it online. The first comic I actually published on teh interwebs happened as far back as 1999 and lasted about ten days. Thankfully, this comic has been lost to time so that no one including me will have to see it again. My second webcomic lasted for about five or six years before it went on an indefinite and unplanned hiatus. The third one was something in between. But that’s the past, and now it’s all about 2×3 (or Twice the Triplets as I sometimes like to call it)!

Updates with a new page each Sunday, for as long as I can keep it up.

Left to right: Summer, Hannah, Dani, Skye, Sunshine, Kiley and Fred