Hello, hello! Been a while, hasn’t it? Rest assured, more 2×3 is on its way! I haven’t decided on an exact date yet, but I promise, I am working on the comic! In the meantime, I have made the last two bonus comics – number 23 and number 24 – available for everyone who may have missed them before (and isn’t a patron)!

Meanwhile, I’m also starting a brand new comic! Of course, patrons and Discord folks will have met her a while ago already, but for everyone else – meet Lena! Lena will update five times this week, and on a to-be-determined schedule later. For now, only readers of 2×3 have been shown the Lena website, as I don’t want to start promoting it or listing it in directories etc. before there’s a decent amount of comics up. But 2×3 readers get in on the ground floor! This comic is a little different, but hopefully it will appeal to some of my existing audience. See you soon, everybody!