Yeah, so I’m making a Patreon page! Or rather, I just did. So for anyone wondering what’s been keeping me so busy lately, this is it. I know, I know… “This you have time for, but you can’t be bothered to update the cast page?!” Sigh. Some day, my friends… Some day.

But now? Patreon! If you’ve ever thought “Boy, it would be great if I could do something to support this comic financially”, well – this is how! (And it would be really awesome of you if you would do that, not gonna lie.)

And for anyone that can’t or don’t want to support me on Patreon – which I assume is most people – don’t worry! This will not affect you in any way whatsoever. Twice the Triplets as you know it will continue to be free and public, just as it always has been!

This is for those who don’t mind paying a few bucks a month in support, and would appreciate getting a little something extra in return.

Currently, there are three patron tiers to choose from:
Supporter: $1 per month. This tier doesn’t come with any tangible rewards, but you get to experience a warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting what I do. (Note: You must supply your own warm and fuzzy feeling)
Enthusiast: $5 per month. Patrons at this tier will get early access to new 2×3 comics. Exactly how early may change a bit, but for the foreseeable future I’m aiming for one week in advance. (As of the writing of this post, for example, next week’s comic is already available to Enthusiast tier patrons.)
VIP: $10 per month. “Wait, aren’t all of your readers very important?!” Of course! Don’t get me wrong. But I had to name it something, right? Anyway, supporters at this tier get (in addition to the same early access that Enthusiast tier patrons get) access to a special VIP section which contains HD versions of all 2×3 comics (1920 px wide), a 2×3 gallery, brand new special 2×3 comics and, of course, the fabled “and more”.

“Hold up! Did you say ‘special 2×3 comics’?!”

Yeah, I guess you could call it that. Over the years that I’ve been doing this comic, I’ve had a few ideas for stories that just don’t fit well within the format of the regular comic. This gives me a way to do those stories. For now, there’s a little comic up called “Skyel and Sunshel”, which contains Kiley’s retelling of a certain fairytale. Depending on the support I get, I hope to do more things like this in the not too distant future.

All in all, if this sounds interesting to you, please go ahead and become a patron!

A note regarding payment: Patreon charges per calender month, so you will get charged on the 1st of each month for as long as you remain a patron. However, you get charged for the (entire) current month immediately upon pledging, even if you’re close to month’s end. If you don’t want to be charged twice in a short amount of time you may want to consider waiting until the 1st of the next month has rolled around with pledging. I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from becoming a patron right away, but I also don’t want my readers and potential supporters to get any unwelcome surprises so I feel the need to make sure everyone is aware of this!

One final note; I have enabled an age limit so only persons 18 years of age or older can pledge. Now, I certainly don’t consider Twice the Triplets to be something anywhere close to being “adult” in nature, nor do I plan on posting any such material on the VIP site or my Patreon page. It’s basically just to cover my butt in case anyone should decide to take umbrage with any of my content, so I’ll be able to say “Hey, I’m not selling anything to minors so whatevs!” (cause that’s totally the way I talk).

I think that’s everything that needs saying. If you’re interested in becoming a patron and have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. And if you have no questions but want to become a patron, I won’t keep you here any longer for any more talk! Thank you, and have a great day!

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