It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This break is already turning out to have lasted longer than what I had intended. I really shouldn’t be making any promises, I guess. But hey – at least we’re definitely closer to Volume 6 now than we were two months ago. That’s something… right?

Bonus Comic 20 and Bonus Comic 21 are now available for y’all too read… Some of you may have missed them when they were used as voting incentives (although the last one still is). It’s not much, but something’s better than nothing, right? I don’t expect the break to last much longer – I don’t have as much on my plate in the immediate future as I’ve had in the last several months, so getting back into regular updates shouldn’t be a problem for much longer. I can’t give a specific date for the comic’s return just yet – keep your eyes peeled!

Lastly, I want to give y’all a shameless reminder that Volume 5 is now available in good old fashioned physical format, for those interested!