Hello everybody! Long time, no see! Just a quick update here with the results of the triplet poll!

Turns out, readers’ favorite triplet now is Hannah, who received 24% of the votes. Second place is Skye with 20%. Interestingly, the two of them have switched places since last year’s poll, when Skye was #1 and Hannah was #2. I find it interesting though that in both polls the top two are the biggest troublemaker and the one least likely to cause trouble.

Sunshine has third place with 18% of the votes, having jumped ahead of Summer and Dani in popularity since last year.

Summer received 17% of the votes, and interestingly Dani and Kiley got the same amount of votes each at 11% – which means Dani’s popularity has decreased while Kiley’s has increased.

That’s all for now! If you voted in the poll, feel free to tell us all why in the comments! See y’all soon.