There comes a time in the life of every self respecting webcomic when the thought of doing a print version comes along, and these days there are quite a few ways to go about it. The really big names have long since landed publishing deals, of course. The slightly less famous ones that still have a considerable fan base can and do use crowd funding to get their stuff printed. But even the most obscure and amateur webcomic authors have options available to them today, such as self-publishing through one of the many print on demand services that operate on the ol’ interwebs.

Which of course is exactly what I’ve done! If you head on over to the brand new Buy page, you’ll find Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Twice the Triplets both available in real physical flesh and blood paperback form.

“Waaaaait a minute,” you may say. “Why should I pay $7.95 for a comic that is already available to read for free in its entirety online?”

Well – if you can’t answer that question for yourself then you probably shouldn’t. And that’s fine! I’m just doing this for those who – like me – just prefer the feeling of having an actual physical comic to reading one on a computer screen.

“Sold! Where can I buy it?”

Have a look at the Buy page, you’ll find a collection of links to online retailers that sell the Twice the Triplets volumes. They are published through CreateSpace, which is owned by amazon, so they are available at American and European amazon stores, as well as directly from CreateSpace.

That is all. Have a nice week!