So, I just got me a Twitter account. It’s right here and you can follow me and stuff. Sure could come in handy if you want to be the first to know when there’s a new 2×3 comic, especially whenever I post one outside of the regular schedule, or if there’s anything new going on with the comic that readers may want to know about.

Here’s the thing, though: As you can see, it’s pretty much an empty account at the moment. Not so surprising, perhaps, considering it was just created – but I’m currently not following anyone, or interacting with people, or anything. So – seeing as I’m new to this whole social media thing – I ask you, the readers of Twice the Triplets, what are your recommendations?

Who should I follow? Who should I not follow if I want to steer clear of petty internet drama (which I do, believe me)? And is there anything you think I should be tweeting about?

Of course I have my own ideas of what I’ll be doing, but if any of y’all have any advice, I’m all ears. Help a n00b out?