Guess what! Today is Twice the Triplets‘ birthday!! Well, kind of. To be precise, it’s one year ago today that the first comic went online (By the way, if you’re a new reader then that is totally where you should start!).

SO! To celebrate the one year anniversary of my own comic, I will… make this post. Also, I finally got around to making a Cast page. Pretty bare bones – just a simple list of who’s who, no written bios or anything like that. It’s mostly for new readers – I realize that the comic introduces a lot of main characters all at once, and a simple cast overview could come in handy if somone is worried they’re gonna get them mixed up. Hey, it’s been known to happen.

Oh. And I got me a deviantART profile. Seems like pretty much everyone has one, so why not. I’ve reposted a few 2×3 comics there, as well as a few Badass Brat strips. But of course, the home of Twice the Triplets will continue to be right here. The dA thing might come in handy if I want to post some other wacky stuff I’ve made, though.

That’s all I have to say for this year’s anniversary speech. 2×3, as always, will return on Sunday. Until then, enjoy the cake!