So – with volume 1 of 2×3 having come to an end last week, there’s a bit of a break now for summer, with volume 2 starting, oh, I guess early fall. Kind of like a traditional TV season, right? It starts in the fall, and concludes the following spring (or the middle of the summer, I guess) – and in between seasons there are summer reruns.

My “summer reruns” will be an older comic of mine titled “Badass Brat”. Not entirely dissimilar in content from 2×3, it centers around a little terror named Buzz Badass and his long-suffering family. Some strips will be ones I’ve posted elsewhere before, others will have been redrawn and/or rewritten, and some strips might just be entirely new! Badass Brat will update five days a week (mon – fri) until 2×3 returns, and you can check it out right here!

But just so the 2×3 gang don’t get completely forgotten over the summer, here’s a summer-y pic of Fred and the girls having a good time at the beach! Complete with “Coppertone girl” style exposed butt! I’ve prepared versions for a few different screen resolutions, for all your full screen needs!!

1680×1050 1920×10801920×1200

That’s all for now! Have a nice summer, do check out Badass Brat, and please come back in a few weeks for Volume 2 of Twice the Triplets!!